Joan of Arc Facts – Her biography

Joan of Arc is always considered as a modern-day figure and name by teenagers. This is true most especially for ladies who want their voice to be heard. Basically, she was known for being the driving force responsible in crowning Charles VII to be the king of France. This was the time when she was able to drive the English out of the scene. There are still many Joan of Arc facts that have to be learned. What are these?

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Discovering Joan of Arc

While it is true that she is popular as Joan of Arc, there were instances when she love to refer to herself as Jehanne la Pucelle. Sometimes, Joan the Maid. In French, her name is Jeanne d’Arc. She was also referred to as the Maid of Orleans. In here, Pucelle always intends to be undertaken as maid. This would also signify her virginity. This was crucial in the distinction being given to the society before when it comes to women. There was a high regard given to females who were still a virgin prior to their marriage.

When it comes to her career in military, it started from April 1429. This was the time when she had to leave for troops in order to help in the raising of a siege for Orleans. May 1430 marked the end of it. This was the time when Joan of Arc was captured by a tenfold of troops who were then loyal to another leader in the name of John of Luxembourg. After her captivity, she was handed to forces who are loyal to the English leader, King Henry VI. She had to go through a trial in which she was brutally burned and condemned. She was put at stake in 1431. When she was still in the midst of her trial, Joan stated that she felt like she was only 19 years old.

There was a time when she lived in France. This was during the Agincourt battle in the year 1415. A defeat happened eventually. This was led by the father of Charles VII. This was the occurrence when a treaty was agreed upon. This allowed the crown of French to be passed along the English after the said person’s death. It was the instance when Charles VII had to refuse recognizing the treaty. He had to continue resistance and he then worked as an uncrowned ruler.

Needless to say, the military career of Joan was nothing short and brief. There were many scholars who even debated and agreed that her control over various campaigns was capable of raising the morale of French. Her very own time of action was that when she finally saw the French military recovered various fortunes. This way, a chance was given to Charles VIII to be crowned as King of France. There was really a reputation for this – most especially by that of English. The defeat was mostly blamed by supernatural powers. There were claims saying that sorcery and enchantment were used during the occurrence.