Nicolaus Copernicus Facts – What Science Lovers Need to Know

Nicolaus Copernicus became a popular astromer. He was responsible for changing how humans today perceive and view the Sun’s position today. The same is also true with other existing celestial objects and even the Earth itself in space. Copernicus said that it was the Sun, which is the center of the universe, opposing earlier claims about the universe being center of everything. This idea gained lots of controversies and even opposition during those times. This is always included in lots of Nicolaus Copernicus facts around the place. There are still interesting and even engaging facts about this. Even quotes were published related to such. What are these?

Copernicus first laid eyes on the earth on February 19, 1473. He then died on May 24, 1543. The place of his birth was situated in Thorn, Royal Prussia. This was then a significant part of Poland and its kingdom during his time. Copernicus got to utilize a great astronomical model for this. It was developed and was then termed as heliocentrism. Helios here intends to mean Sun. This came with the sun, not in any sort of motion, just at the real center of the whole universe. The earth then and even other planets were just in rotating motion around many circular paths. There was even this earlier geocentric model. This now originated from Earth. This was devised and put together by Ptolemy. He featured the Earth in this and he said that it was the center of the Universe. This model was utilized by lots of astronomers out there and even scientists for most centuries prior to Copernicus developing the then established heliocentric model.

There were many individuals who believed that the established theories and ideas foregrounded by Copernicus initiated the existence of modern astronomy. This was even dubbed as the start, and the beginning of the real scientific revolution. It was during that time when he worked on his masterpiece, On the Revolutions of Celestial Spheres. This was set to the eyes of the public and viewers shortly before his last days on earth in the year 1543.

Copernicus was really a talented man. The skills he has were not only limited to that of the field of astronomy. Aside from this, there were still other things which he was really good at. He was also an economist, physician, translator, scholar, diplomat, mathematician and even an artist. All of these he got to add on to his credentials and name.

The element Copernicus, originated from him. This comes with the symbol CN which stands for a 112 atomic number.

He was famous for stating that the sun was meant to be placed at the center of the entire universe. He even added that the ship, when seen floating calmly along, will enable sailors to see the motion going on. This will mirror everything there is outside. But then, they are not just stationary in that sense especially when there are others on board. It is also in the same way that the earth can produce the very impression that the universe is in its rotation.